The Concept

This impressive mechanical sliding display is especially suited to presenting before-and-after situations, simple changes or question and answer games. By pulling the chord, the image visible at first disappears and a second layer is revealed.

The resulting ‘interplay’ can create a moment of surprised realisation or present a topic with a fresh and fun approach. It could be, for example, an image of Albert Einstein suddenly poking his tongue at the viewer, or a mysterious word from a dialect whose meaning appears on the second layer. Comparisons are also easily possible, e.g. an animal in its summer and winter coat.

How It Works

The ‘Interplay’ consists of two images divided into segments. The visible segments are moved up by pulling on a handle attached to a steel cable and reveal the image that lies behind. Made from powder-coated steel, the housing is also suitable for outdoor applications. A safety glass screen protects the display from the elements and vandalism.

Details and prices on request.

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