The Concept

Join the elements that belong together! This is the challenge of the swivelling jigsaw puzzle. Turning the printed elements, visitors connect related content or assemble an image.

It could mean lining up leaf, fruit, bark and treetop of a particular species. Assembling the silhouette of a city – possibly from different centuries – would also be a possibility. The swivelling jigsaw puzzle is very versatile in application.

How It Works

The elements are mounted on a post and can be turned individually and easily. They click into place when in the correct position.

Visitors turn and combine the swivelling elements depending on the task. According to the topic, each side bears its individual design. They can be photos or illustrations, and combinations with text are also welcome.

Small display cases for original objects can be integrated into the elements.

Our tip: this type of hands-on exhibit is also well suited to outdoor interpretive trails.

Details and prices on request.


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