The Concept

The Wheel of Discovery is a special take on a wheel of fortune. It can be designed in a variety of ways and modified individually. It challenges visitors to become actively involved, to recognise connections, to solve riddles and to pursue visual stories. The rear disk turns, making a range of images and texts visible in openings in the front disk.

Any type of content is possible. Challenges such as ‘what belongs together?’, displaying life cycles, processes or developments in nature are all equally possible. Topical information can be communicated through cartoons or stories as each visitor can turn the wheel, understand and learn at his or her own pace.

How It Works

A design is applied to each of the two disks, which are mounted one behind the other. The rear disk rotates, while the front disk is fixed and has a range of openings. By turning the rear disk, different images and texts become visible in the openings of the front disk. Effortless to turn and with robust bearings, the turning wheel is easy to operate for all age groups.

Numerous options are available for the basic version of the Wheel of Discovery. For example, the openings can be varied and original objects or a screen can also be integrated.

Details and prices on request.

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