inclusion for mobile edutainment


“Everyone has the right to freely participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific progress and its accomplishments.”

From the final act of the ‘Kultur für alle’ (Culture for All) conference, Berlin 2005

A multimedia guide makes it easier for people with disabilities to experience an exhibition equally and as independently as possible. Content adaptation for the multimedia guide is tailored specifically to their needs. Impuls-Design assumes this responsibility and has developed an access-for-all multimedia guide.

Access-for-all multimedia guide
Hainich National Park Interpretive Centre

Concept and design by Impuls-Design
Production by Mr. Signal, Nuremberg

• German and English sign language translations for all videos in ‘The Burrow’.
German and English audio tracks for the vision impaired/blind using ‘lively and descriptive’ language.
• ‘Plain language’ audio track for visitors with low German language competency

Apart from these ‘access for all’ services, the exhibition also includes – integrated into the same technology – the following additional audio components:
• a ‘Ranger Tour’ available in German, English, Polish and Dutch
• a special children’s ‘Earthworm Tour’
• a digital paper chase (quizzing trail)

Technical implementation is surprisingly simple and very easy to use for visitors and operators:
All videos and audio tracks are saved on several WIFI base stations distributed throughout the exhibition spaces.
These can be selected and played back by visitors via a menu on their own smartphones or loan devices.

Advantages of the system:
No time-consuming download of an app with large data volumes from the internet
Near limitless data volumes thanks to storage on WIFI base stations
Smooth (non-choppy) playback, even of large video/audio files