The Concept

Augmented Reality (AR) technology makes it possible to overlay or supplement real environments with virtual objects and information. It creates an augmented reality – literally.

Whether as part of an exhibition or in the outdoors – a Smartphone or tablet PC turns the visit into a virtual voyage of discovery. A look at the screen shows a camera image complemented by virtual information. This digital content can be designed freely – e.g. as animations, drawings, 3D objects, text or cartoons.

Explanations and information can be supplied right next to the original object, e.g. a valuable item from the collection. Positioning exhibits in a space or explaining complex contexts are also possible using this technology.

How It Works

Augmented Reality software is installed on the tablet. Devices called ‘markers’ are used for tracking.

Tablets permanently installed in articulated brackets are just as possible as is moving freely through the room using a hired tabled or the visitor’s own device.

A wide variety of objects that stand out from their surroundings can be used as markers. Here, the possibilities are near inexhaustible. Markers can, for example, be placed on walls, in the outdoors or on exhibits themselves.

Details and prices on request.

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