The Concept

Forest Cubed is an interactive installation that simulates the development of flora and fauna in a central European forest in a playful way. It is a playfully artistic installation that invites to play, but also to contemplate and reflect. The Forest Cubed exhibit is modeled on the unpredictability and diversity of nature.

How It Works

The dice represent different parameters of the forest ecosystem. They symbolise, for example, seeds kick-starting growth as well as a range of plant and animal species. However, external factors also determine the development of the forest.

Users can throw these dice or place them deliberately. ‘Throwing the dice’ makes aspects of randomness and complexity visible. Players can influence the game by moving, turning or exchanging individual dice. They can then observe how the forest reacts to the change. This way, different tree species can be planted, different forest inhabitants introduced, and the weather can be influenced using the weather die.

Object recognition enables adjustments to the state of the game in real time, as the objects displayed react to the motions performed by moving and turning the dice.

Forest Cubed was created by Raphael Polte and Marvin Podsendek as a project during their studies at the Halle School of Art. It was awarded the 2013 Animago Award for Best Interactive Production.

Based on the basic version of the Forest Cubed exhibit, possibilities present themselves to transfer its technology to other scenarios and to adapt them to the environment the customer desires. Impuls-Design offers this exhibit as a premium production service and we would be pleased to develop an individual adaptation to your topic.

Details and prices on request.

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