The Concept

The interactive info table is particularly suited to visitor centres and tourist information bureaus. It allows users to get an overview of their surroundings. This could be a building complex, a city, a region or even an entire country. The background consist of a bird’s eye view of the area, a city plan or a map, with historical maps being another obvious option.

An integrated display contains post cards of important sights or other Points of Interest (POI). The user chooses an image he is interested in and places it on the multi-touch table. Here, he finds out the location of the POI and can explore it virtually. In addition to text, animations and photos can also be integrated.

The post cards serve, on the one hand, as an operating device, but can, on the other hand, also be kept as a souvenir or posted.

How It Works

The exhibit consists of an interactive multi-touch table in combination with camera-based object recognition.

The 55″ FullHD multi-touch pad features a fast reaction time, an unlimited number of simultaneous touch points and is equipped with the latest touch and camera sensors. Touch sensitivity can be adjusted to the conditions of each application and conforms to current standards. The integrated plate glass cover protects the display and makes it easy to clean.

The camera recognises the post cards by a 2D marker printed onto them, whereupon an animated pop-up window opens on the info table. POI pop-ups can also be selected and triggered directly.

In addition to the 2D marker, a QR code for scanning with a Smartphone is printed on the back of the postcards to enable access to information at any time, even without the info table.

The pop-up window can be manipulated by rotating and pushing. It can be pushed across to other users and can therefore promote interaction between people. Naturally, several people can also call up information simultaneously.

Another function is the digital magnifying glass. It enables a 3.5x zoom of the respective map section.

The carcass of the table is durable and constructed with a flush top to enable postcards to be easily pulled off the surface.

Details and prices on request.

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