The Concept

A mobile edutainment application allows the user to explore an exhibition, town or its surroundings in an entertaining fashion. Guided by a continuous storyline, users can be accompanied to a range of locations and engaged in a playful manner.

Quizzes and riddles are easy to produce as part of a mobile app. This way, users can discover the answers locally, in their actual surroundings.

In its edutainment apps, Impuls-Design combines education and entertainment. Digital storytelling, challenges und content are skillfully integrated, increasing the motivation to learn.

The app can run on the visitor’s own Smartphone or on a hired device such as a mini tablet.

In the following, you will find two examples of mobile edutainment – conceptualised, designed and planned by Impuls-Design.

Mobile App
Naturerlebnispark Panabora

On the treetop walk in the Panarbora Nature Discovery Park, the app accompanies visitors with fun cartoons and quiz questions around the topic of forests.

After downloading the app via the WiFi service at the visitors centre, the cartoons announce themselves along the path by curious sound effects. Only after activating the app can visitors watch the cartoons on their device and afterwards answer the quiz questions.

The technology works on the transmitter and receiver principle. So-called beacons produce the signals sent to Smartphones via Bluetooth. When a Smartphone user enters the range of a transmitter, sender ID and signal strength can be identified and the app can respond.

The application of the BLE standard reduces energy consumption while Bluetooth is turned on. In addition, mobile devices in stand-by mode can also respond to the beacons.

Mobile App
Entdeckerwelt Bad Urach

The Bad Urach World of Discovery invites primary school-age children on a trek of discovery through the town and its surroundings. With tablets hired at the visitors centre, three paths can be followed along on which clues in the landscape and on buildings complement audio-quiz stories.

Like in a detective story, one clue leads to the next. QR codes on the clues are photographed using the tablet and, here and there, small tasks have to be completed.

In the exhibition, numerous stations with riddles, games, fun illustrations and informative images can also be activated using the QR codes.

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