Impuls-Design conceptualizes and produces interactive exhibits with high quality designs and technology. We offer READY-MADE HANDS-ON but also individually CUSTOM MADE EXHIBITS.

Our extensive experience in exhibition design allows us to produce single interactive exhibits quickly and cost-effectively. We can deliver multimedia as well as mechanical hands-on exhibits. AUGMENTED REALITYMOBILE EDUTAINMENT and MULTI-TOUCH TABLES, but also more modest elements such as TURNING WHEELS and lifting flaps are part of our range. You can find basic versions with a range of optional extras on our website.

In our interactive exhibits, we especially value the dialogue created between the user and the exhibit as well as their fun and learning factors. As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe already stated: ‘One only comprehends what one can do and one only grasps what one can create oneself.’

For the concept, we like to take time to structure the content together with you and offer its scientific development as an optional service.

In planning, we keep in mind the aesthetic as well as the longevity of the design. We have tried and tested technical solutions at our disposal that will withstand the daily stresses of visitor interaction for the long term. We can offer many of our exhibit installations in weatherproof quality for outdoor use.

The exterior look is equally important to us as designers. We are always happy to adapt it to an existing design or corporate identity.

Have you got initial ideas or questions? We would be pleased to offer you a personal consultation.

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