Why be a Monk?

The Lead Concept

The way of the Benedictines

The Topics

Historic and contemporary monastic life at Münsterschwarzach Abbey

The Exhibition

The newly designed information center allows visitors to participate in the Benedictine way of life. The first room of the exhibition asks the ‘why’ question – why become a monk? The next, larger room is dedicated to the ‘how’. How do the monks live their lives? The design uses ’ora et labora’, the two central tenets of Benedictine life, to mark the centre of the room. On an interactive time line, visitors shed light on the history of Münsterschwarzach Abbey, can touch a real monk’s habit and listen to the chants in a choir-stall. Especially entertaining is the ‘talking out of school’ component, where one can find out details about the personal likes of individual monks and where questions are also answered: ‘What do monks wear under their habits?’ or ‘Do monks get pocket money?’ Visitors follow the charcoal-colored path that connects all components of the exhibition. The choice of materials is dominated by steel, oak and brass.

Media Coverage

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Data & Facts

February 2016
Abtei Münsterschwarzach
Exhibition Space
200 m2