Nationalpark Hainich


Discover the secrets of the Hainich … where tree roots, flagellates and bacteria are at home


Beech trees love Muschelkalk – Transdimensionizer (down) – A thousand branches – Creatures of the dark – News from the underground – Recycling works – Transdimensionizer (up) – Wanderers between worlds – Long live the soil!


The exhibition spaces of the tree-root burrow are located ‘below ground’ and play on an interchange between familiar spacial situations and the subterranean feel of the tunnel systems of soil organisms. Visitors cross a world that is unknown to them and scientifically still underresearched, experiencing the topic of ‘soil’ playfully and interactively.
The introductory space offers insights into soil types and rock formations both local and global, and leads into the ‘depths’ of the Hainich. A ‘transdimensionizer’ shrinks visitors down to the size of a mite, thus giving them access to the underworld. The realm of roots and fungi presents itself branching off a thousandfold. Mysterious are the abilities of plant roots to communicate and exchange nutrients.
Creatures of the underworld tell visitors stories from the big lives they lead in the dark. Here, visitors can discover this near endless biodiversity and follow the nutrient cycle of the underworld on a digital platform. A news broadcast from the underworld is presented by students of a local primary school. It is also possible to experience the world’s largest recycling works through many different stages.
Then, the ‘transdimensionizer’ unshrinks visitors again and releases them into the ‘Wanderers between Worlds’ section. Visitors big and small can experience crawling tunnels and part of the burrow system close-up themselves. Take-home messages and an outlook towards the future lead visitors back to the outside world.


Thüringer Allgemeine

Data & Facts

Bad Langensalza
May 2016
Nationalparkzentrum Hainich
Exhibition Space
400 m2