Serenity – teeming with life!


The Thuringian forest – between serenity and pulsating life, action and rest.


Forest and moors, brooks and meadows, living and experiencing, regional and global


The abstract, cubic exhibition design consciously offers a counterpoint to nature, untouched and wild, in the biosphere reserve. The Thuringian forest, in all its lively diversity, is characterized by one thing above all: serenity! Visitors can experience this serenity in three walk-in cubes, and in very different ways – each on one of three topics: Forest and Moors, Brooks and Meadows, and Living and Experiencing. Surprising and fascinating changes of perspective by zooming in on tiny worlds, looking from a distance, and the use of extreme slow motion and time-lapse images turn this exhibition into an unforgettable experience. Visitors take time out, immerse themselves in the multimedia installations and get in touch with what has touched them: the value of serenity. The special features of this unique biosphere reserve make lasting memories.
Outside the cubes, there is much to explore, play with and learn at over 15 interpretive stations. Visitors big and small find out more about the region’s people, about habitats, leisure activities and current projects at the biosphere reserve in an interactive fashion. As fire engine red cubes, the stations designed for children stand out from the rest.
On a walkable world map, multimedia information regarding global projects in other UNESCO biosphere reserves can be activated by light sensor. The photoelectric signal triggers a video display on the associated screen.
At the entrance, an interactive model of the landscape offers comprehensive information about the biosphere reserve. The Learning Lab on the first floor offers pedagogical and didactic activities.


Welcome message for the opening ceremony

Data & Facts

November 2015
Biosphärenreservat Vessertal-Thüringer Wald
Exhibition Space
570 m2