Above the treetops

Treetop walk Steigerwald


New perspectives on the Steigerwald


Insights into the forest on every level – from trunk to crown. Also: forests and timber use, hunting and forest conservation.


Along the 1,152 meter treetop walk, visitors can experience forest layers that are normally out of reach. A total of six stations, covering four topic areas along the walk and on the tower, offer information about the Steigerwald – its ecosystem, forest uses and forest conservation – in playful and interactive formats, but also on interpretive panels. The five exciting secondary paths created by Impuls-Design with playing and climbing equipment are not for the faint-hearted.

An app guides visitors in an entirely new fashion along the way. With quizzes, small games and augmented reality features, young and old alike can explore their immediate surroundings using their own smartphone. A soon as they enter a topic area of the app, a sound signal is activated on their smartphone: the games and quizzes are ready to go!

Services provided for the walk by Impuls-Design include conceptual, design and production planning, manufacture and installation of the game and information components along the walk, as well as concept, design and implementation of the app.

Steigerwald treetop walk


Fränkischer Tag

Bayerische Staatsforsten (Bavarian State Forests), construction commencement

Bayerische Staatsforsten (Bavarian State Forests)

Data & Facts

April 2016
Bayrische Stadtsforsten
Exhibition Space
500 m2