Greenpeace Hamburg Harbour City

The Lead Concept

Greenpeace – global action for a sustainable future. The design of the thematic stations (‘topic islands’) is inspired by cargo crates – sturdy, flexible and easy to move out of the way.

The Topics

The current themes of global Greenpeace activism are given focus using so-called ‘topic islands’ for each issue: oceans, genetic engineering, food supply, agriculture and consumption, energy, climate protection and forests. In addition, the local Greenpeace groups across Germany are introduced. Organizations associated with Greenpeace, e.g. Greenpeace Energy eG, the Greenpeace Foundation for the Environment (Umweltstiftung Greenpeace) and Greenpeace Media Ltd. (Greenpeace Media GmbH) introduce themselves at separate stations.

The Exhibition

Central hub of the exhibition is a one hundred square meter world map integrated into the floor. Here, visitors can capture the QR codes on the map with tablet computers to find out more about global Greenpeace achievements.

They are most often yellow and enormous in size: Greenpeace banners. A well-known trademark used by these environmental activists to draw attention to problems and name those responsible. Interested visitors to the exhibition can take a detailed look at individual achievements on the banner wall.

There is a lot to discover all around the room. All topic islands introduce current content using media interactively and in a variety of ways. A totem pole, which had stood in front of the previous Greenpeace office in Große Elbstraße since 1999, reaches up six meters high. The totem had been a present from the Nuxalk tribe of native Americans – as a thank you for Greenpeace advocacy for their homeland.

Data & Facts

September 2013
Greenpeace e. V.
Exhibition Space
450 m2