An expedition to the fourth dimension

Experimenta Heilbronn

The lead concept

Hot on the trail of the phenomenon of time – understanding, perception and wonderment

The topics

The facets of time: natural history, geology, history, physics, sociology – and our own personal experience

The exhibition

Nothing is more mysterious than the phenomenon of time. We cannot feel, taste, see or grasp the concept of time. And still it is omnipresent in our lives. But how long is an instant? How do we measure time? Why do we age? These questions and others around the riddle of time were pursued in this special exhibition during the ‘experimenta’ in Heilbronn. The basic structure for the exhibition developed by impuls-design investigates the phenomenon of time through eight thematic time-spaces: millions of years, millennia, centuries, years, days, seconds and spacetime. On 600 m² and over two levels, this scenic production of light and color creates an ever-intensifying journey through time.

Data & Facts

September 2011
experimenta Science Center of the Region of Heilbronn-Franken gGmbH
Exhibition Space
600 m2