Why fish have scales

Tropical Aquarium Hamburg

The lead concept

A harmonious whole composed of a natural backdrop, live animals and interactive information

The topics

Surprisingly interrelated and stunningly similar – the mechanisms of evolution (evolutionary radiation and convergence)
Communicating through scent and sound – smelling and listening stations
Structural diversity in the oceans – corals
Contemporaries of the dinosaurs – vertebrates conquer the land
Diversity among snakes – morphological comparison

The exhibition

Event-aquarium and tropical environment Across 8,000 m² and over three levels, visitors go on an expedition that presents 300 different species in their habitats on land, in the water and underground.

Our contribution

Content development and design concept for the information component, signage as well as the interactive and children’s display modules.

Data & Facts

May 2007
Hagenbeck Zoo
Exhibition Space
500 m2