Here, all that glitters is gold

Schwabach Town Museum

The lead concept

Touching and experimenting with gold

The topics

Craftsmanship and industrial history as the driving forces behind the prosperity of the town of Schwabach, and its products: gold leaf, needles, screws, springs and wire.

The exhibition

Impuls-design developed an exhibition structure that includes replicas of original historical sites and a performance area for scenic representations while leaving flexibility for a diverse range of event formats and space requirements.

Visitors can ‘get to grips with gold’ at 16 thematic ‘island’ stations and make a range of discoveries: how heavy is a ball of gold compared to other materials? How large is the sheet of gold leaf that can be hammered from a 4-gram grain of gold? How do you recognize gold inclusions in the rock? … audio-visual media show production processes.

Data & Facts

April 2011
Stadtmuseum Schwabach