BE KARL – The MännleinLaufen today

A new attraction for Nuremberg! We bring the so-called Männleinlaufen into the present. At midday every day, the famous mechanical clock of the Frauenkirche makes the seven prince-electors circle Emperor Charles IV as ‘little men’. The clock is the starting point for a playful re-enactment on the ground: visitors can take to the semicircular stage and sit on the symbolized throne, or take the role of one of the prince-electors paying homage. They get a feel for such power games and are encouraged to re-imagine the Männleinlaufen for the present. What would a ‘Männleinlaufen’ and the underlying power structures look like in today’s democracy?
Two theatre groups presented their entertaining and thought-provoking interpretations at the opening. Daily staffing of the exhibition by the Department of Cultural Affairs and the associated web-based photography and video competition make this re-imagining accessible to all citizens, but also to the many visiting tourists. The best entries each win a trip to the city of Prague, the emperor’s birthplace.
Apart from this participatory approach, display panels use both images and text to provide information about Emperor Charles IV and the mechanical clock. Using a spotting scope, visitors can also study the clock itself in detail. Competition entries are displayed on a screen and seats invite visitors to linger.
Apart from the development of the project idea on the basis of the brief provided by the project office at the Department of Cultural Affairs of the City of Nuremberg, Impuls-Design has also taken on the design, planning and production of this installation. The design puts a strong emphasis on contemporary, modern graphics whose colour scheme harmonizes with the sandstone buildings of the historical surroundings at the same time.
This project is running from 9th October to 3rd November 2016


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October 2016
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