Lifelines of a City

Museum for Town and Industrial History Troisdorf

The lead concept

To portray the course of the town’s history as its ‘lifelines’

The topics

Troisdorf town history from 1800 to the present day

The museum and the exhibition

The museum and the exhibition are divided into six chronological sections. They show the mutual influence of industrial development, individual business histories, town planning, infrastructure and social development – as well as the lives of working class families. A sparkling kaleidoscope of snapshots from day-to-day life melds into a picture of Troisdorf’s industrial culture.

In parallel to the expressive graphic design and the large number of exhibits, a fictional family history is told over several generations through sound recordings that can be called up individually. These first-person musings, while using fictitious characters, are based on archival material.

Data & Facts

May 2012
City of Troisdorf
Exhibition Space
600 m2