Living alongside and with the intra-German border

GRENZHUS Schlagsdorf

The lead concept

That which kept us apart now brings us together.

The topics

Day-to-day life in a GDR restricted zone, the border between the Baltic Sea and the Elbe river
‘Schlagsdorf Border Paths – Germany divided: Bookmarks in the Landscape’ was developed in 2012.

The exhibition

This exhibition is characterized by its regional focus, documenting for the first time the development of the intra-German border installations in Schlagsdorf and the surrounding area, interpreting the history of the border itself as part of the history of the division of Germany. In addition it makes clear the impact this border had on nature in the region and on the relationship between people and the natural environment.

The Schlagsdorf Border Paths outdoor exhibition area
Two different paths lead from the Grenzhus to the former border and offer insights into a changing landscape in the former border region. Iconic stories of events that occurred along the former GDR border are told here – stories of victims and perpetrators as well as of sympathizers and conformists. They explain how the 40-year reign of the SED dictatorship functioned from the perspectives of its rulers as well as day-to-day life.

Data & Facts

November 2012
Grenzhus e.V.
Exhibition Space
400 m2