Germanys eye and ear

Nuremberg – media hub of the Reformation

The Lead Concept

Books – printing – paper. Flying pages as a symbol for freedom and spreading ideas

The Topics

Nuremberg – media hub of the Reformation. The role of Nuremberg as the leading German media city around 1520 with respect to spreading Martin Luther’s teachings.

The Exhibition

The replica of a functional, historic high-pressure printing press welcomes visitors and introduces them to the topic. Here and there, sheets of paper ‘float’ from the top of the printing press and form a swarm of paper, which becomes thicker and thicker throughout the exhibition. This staging concept using ‘free-floating’ sheets of paper stands as a symbol for freedom and spreading ideas. The display cases also follow the sweep of the floating paper. The walls wrapping the space serve as a graphics display area. Large-scale snippets of historic prints and their particular aesthetic subtly frame the exhibits. As a marker of revolution, the color scheme changes from magenta to purple. The ‘turning point’ represented by the Reformation is thus mirrored on walls and display cases.

Data & Facts

March 2015
Museen der Stadt Nürnberg
Exhibition Space
200 m2