The Value of Life

A travelling exhibition by Environmental Education Bavaria

The lead concept

Too many material possessions don’t make you happy.

The topics

Values can’t be legislated. They require role models, new ways of living and visions for the future. Human fears, desires and longings are put into focus.

The exhibition

This exhibition was created, produced and managed by impuls-design. It shows in its many facets that the expectation of sustainability does not have to clash with people’s goals for their standard of living and a happy life.

6 display modules encourage reflection:
What do you perceive as valuable in your life?
How do you deal with money?
What do social relationships mean to you?
What value do you put on nature?
How important is the wellbeing of future generations to us?
How do you react to the terms ‘global economy’ and ‘climate change’?

Data & Facts

Tour of Bavaria April to December 2010
April 2010
Bavarian State Ministry for Health and the Environment
Exhibition Space
450 m2