A verdant metropolitan treasure trove

Wahn Heath and Royal Forest Portals

The lead concept

The Wahn Heath and Royal Forest natural heritage areas form one of the largest protected sites in North Rhine-Westphalia – a ‘verdant metropolitan treasure trove’ Four portals offer an introduction to these unique natural spaces.

The topics

The portals aim to inform visitors in an entertaining fashion and raise awareness that the ‘verdant treasure trove’ must be protected and preserved.

Four exhibitions

The portals inform and guide visitors – in preparation for their excursions into these landscapes or to complement them afterwards.
The topic of ‘land use’ is at the centre of the exhibition at the Steinhaus in Bergisch Gladbach.
The Turmhof in Rösrath picks up on the theme of ‘dynamism’. The natural and manmade processes that leave their mark on nature and landscape.
Wissem Castle in Troisdorf tells ‘(hi)stories’. The exhibition provides a historical view of the Wahn Heath (Wahner Heide) across the centuries and insights into past land use in the area. Leidenhausen Estate (Gut Leidenhausen) in Cologne-Porz highlights ‘contrasts’ in a natural and cultural landscape that has the Cologne/Bonn airport at its centre.

Data & Facts

Bergisch-Gladbach, Rösrath, Troisdorf, Köln-Porz
June 2011
Bergisches Land Regional Department of Forestry
Exhibition Space
1300 m2